Online Money Guru – The Greener Pastures of Affiliate Marketing

The easiest way for companies to increase their sales is to have someone do the marketing work for them with less cost.

Incidentally, that is the approach that affiliate marketing introduces — to have sales representatives who aren’t really sales representatives.

You don’t need a 5/10 year experience or a degree on salesmanship. You just have to sign up as an affiliate, make necessary promotions via the internet, drive traffic and viola… create residual passive income through commissions.

Amazon has perhaps, the most popular and most reliable affiliate program online. Every day, thousands of people buy products from the Amazon. As an affiliate, you send people through the site and once they purchase a thing or two you get a portion of their sales.

Other Affiliate Marketing Programs/Websites;

Site Sell — dubbed as “the best affiliate program on the Net,” Site Sell provides various ways on earning commissions plus residuals on yearly renewals.

eBay — in my opinion, an online market that need not any further introduction. The name itself guarantees reliability plus generous commissions on every affiliate-generated sale.

Zlio –in Zlio, you are provided with your own website and domain name. All you have to do is place products for sale. You can earn up to 1-10 percent commissions on sales.

Click Bank — eBook arguably is the newest bookworm fashion nowadays and that’s the niche that Click Bank enters into. It is cheap and easy to join not to mention the huge earning potential.

These companies offer various ways to earn money but keep in mind it won’t be your average walk in the park.

The secret is hard work, hard work and a little more hard work. Come to think of it, hard work makes the dream work.

Good luck in your money making venture, you’ll need luck. =)