Ottawa Little Italy Farmer’s Market

Ottawa Little Italy Farmer’s Market
At the Little Italy Ottawa Farmers’ Market on Preston Street, there is a plethora of sights, sounds and textures to please everyone’s palette. As you might expect there are local fresh vegetables that are in season, apples and other seasonal fruits. Other appetite tantalizations include thirst quenching fresh squeezed juices, fresh organic meat, fresh-from-the-chicken eggs, specialized meats, beautiful baked pies, just-out-of-the-oven bread, delicious preserves, sausages and prepared meats, coffee, specialty coffee, a rainbow of teas, honey and maple variations, salsa and hand crafted dips. For the curious there are artisans with unique crafts designed from wood, metal, planters, garden accents, live music, jewelry, pottery, finely roasted coffees, and real Scottish fudge.
And when you have indulged your senses, acquired everything that you needed to stocked your fridge and cupboards for the week, you can wander down Preston Street and reward yourself with a beverage, snack or meal. After all, you earned it! When you visit Little Italy in Ottawa, you can be assured that there is always something going on. There is never just a running race, or a bike race, or a car parade or a farmer’s market or a festival going on, or a fantastic restaurant to visit. In Little Ital Ottawa, there are always many things happening because Preston Street is the heart of Little Italy Ottawa and Little Italy Ottawa is the heart of the Capital Region. There are more Ottawa Events and Ottawa Festivals that happen right on Preston Street than any other part of Ottawa.
If you want to know what is going in Ottawa, then you needn’t look any further than Preston Street, because whatever is happening, will be happening here! Preston Street or Corso Italia is the heart of Little Italy Ottawa. It is famous for Italian heritage and home of the Ottawa Little Italy Festival, one of the best Ottawa Events. Preston Street provides some of the best things to do in Ottawa including the newest Farmer’s Market in Ottawa, the Ferrari Dream Ride, the Fiat Retro Show, Bocce and Soccer Tournaments, Criterium Bike Races and the Italian Car Parade.