Outdoor Patio Furniture – Care And Cleaning

Outdoor Patio furniture is usually built using better materials compared to indoor furniture. Despite this fact, outdoor furniture will need some attention and care to enhance the life and looks. Depending upon the weather conditions, different maintenance is recommended.

Regular Cleaning:
Mildly scrub your furniture with old lent-free rag using soapy water. Try to do this at least twice a year. Once you finish washing dry all the water off using dry cloth or simply blowing strong wind.  If you Outdoor furniture is closer to pool or any fountain water containing chlorine, try washing your furniture with fresh water once a week. Chlorine water is known to cause defects in both metal and wood patio furniture.

Stain removing:
If you spill wine or any other food which contains food coloring it is suggested to wash off your furniture right way. Washing will remove stain especially on metal furniture as the stain does not diffuse in it.

If you have wooden furniture which is not sealed with varnish, it is recommended that you apply common salt on the affected area on the wood. Let the salt sit there for a while or until all the stain or grease is absorbed. You may also try rubbing the salt slowly and then wash off the stained area. If the stain is still visible try sanding off the area. Make sure you use at least 250grit sand paper and if possible do not use machine sanders.

Most often water can leave stubborn marks which could be annoying to your eyes. It is recommended to take care of these water stains right way rather than later. One of the solutions I tell my customers is to rub regular toothpaste on the affected area and wipe it off using damp cloth and then dry it off. Simple idea but it works.

Cleaning cushions:
Your cushions should be provided with zipper to remove the cushion covers. Once you remove the covers these cushion covers can be washed in washing machine using warm water and normal dry. Please read material content of the fabric or ask your supplier if special instructions are in place to wash the cushion covers. I recommend keeping your cushions covered, so that they are not left in the rain. Any good quality cushion with foam in it can not be left in the rain, yes that includes sunbrella fabric; which is water repellent and not water resistant; in simple language it will resist water going through for about 10 seconds and not beyond that.