Paano Nagsimula Ang Wika

Paano nagsimula ang wika

The term Paano nag simula ang wika is a tagalog term. the meaning of this word in english is how language starts. There are a lot of Students in the Philippinesare looking for this keyword. because this keyword are being search everyday by students.

so the Question paano nagsimula ang wika – in the Philippine history there are a groups of people from other countries went to the Philippines. such as Malay were poeple came from Malaysia, the indo from indonesia, there is chinese and spanish. spanish occupied Philippinesfor over 300 years. so the language of the Philippinesis brought by this people from other places.

Filipino Language which we used now sounds similar to malaysian and indonesian. However english is being taught in school so there are a lot of filipinos that good in english.

According to research the first Poeple who speak one language in the Philippinesare Austronesian they came from the north thousands of thousands of years ago. because it was long time ago they separated and went to different continents. then the time comes that they did not understand each other. the language of Filipinos right now are Ilokano, bisaya, ilonggo, bicolano and many more.

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Paano nag simula ang Pilipinas