Pachmarhi- An unusual gateway

Panchmarhi is surrounded by lush sal and bamboo forests enclosed by deep gorges and canyons and clear streams. The town of Panchmarhi has a colonial ambience as it was a summer capital of former Central Provinces and used to host a major golf tournament.

The visitors can see splendid sunset from Dhupgarh. The other places of  interest are Bee Falls and the Jatashanker shrines. Fairy Pool and Duchess Falls can be seen only on foot.If you want to see spectacular views of the country side then climb up Chauragarh Peak.It also host annual Shivratri Mela with lakhs of religious men converging there.

With in the town is Buddhist period rock hewn Pandav Caves, the government gardens and Bison Lodge and a museum.Satpura National Park to the west and south of Panchmari offers spectacular scenary and wildlife like bison,sambhar and tigers if you are lucky. It is advisable to visit the park by jeep from the Neemghan entrance or from the Rorighat end. The Satpuras also showcase the rock paintings of ancient huntergatherers dating back to 10,000 BC.

The Dorothy Deep shelter is really amazing less than an hours walk from the road. There are several hotels and resorts in Panchmarhi. One can visit Panchmarhi all year round except in Summers.The nearest station is at Bhopal which is 195 km from Panchmarhi.