Parallelisms Between Business, Finance and Plants Vs. Zombies

I’ve been playing Plant’s Vs. Zombies nonstop and have finished Adventure Mode three times over without having to rely on any hacks or cheats. I’ve also unlocked every mini game and I almost have the Tree of Knowledge up to 80 feet. This notorious time waster from PopCap Games ( has had me happily waste 3 weeks otherwise best spent making money.

With my background in business and finance, I couldn’t help but draw some parallels between the game and moneymaking in general. Bear these analogies in mind while playing, and you’ll find yourself just a teeny bit wiser when it comes to real money.

Sunflowers, Sun-shrooms – Relate to passive income streams. Once planted, they will generate Sun without any further inputs on your behalf. Plant as many sunflowers as possible as early as possible, even at the expense of buying fancy weapons. Create as many streams of passive income as early as possible, even if it means passing up on cool things to buy. Without a lot of sun pouring in, you won’t be able to sustain all those other fancy plants. Without enough cash coming in, you won’t be able to sustain a material lifestyle anyway.

Imitater potato, used on a sunflower – Duplication of income-generating assets. A franchise or legitimate network marketing company, or simply more passive income streams. Generally, don’t use the Imitater for anything else but Sunflowers.

Twin sunflower – If you’ve ever played Monopoly, planting one is like trading your townhouses for a hotel. Not a good idea if you don’t already have a significant pool of capital- expensive and recharges slowly. Once planted however, will double your cashflow for the same 1×1 block size of real estate. As in real life, you can get by without them, but these are indispensable for serious, long-run plays like Endless Mode.

Wallnut (Walnut) – A bit like a credit card. Cheap way to hold off expenses for a bit (or at least aggregate them) while you set up defenses or channel your capital somewhere more useful, but in the long run, not good for much else.

Gold Magnet (collects gold, silver, diamonds) – Once your business is up and running, you may want an automated way to collect payments and receivables from customers or interest from investments. This will save businesses of a certain size from a lot of headaches. Hire a collector, bill everyone through PayPal, or use a merchant account.

Puff Shroom, Scaredy Shroom – Generic employees. A dime a dozen and don’t get a lot done. Sleeps during the day.

Garlic – The power of delegation. Redirection of energy. Instead of scattering your energy across every row, typical of small business owners (micro management), have somebody else do whatever else so you can focus on what you do best, whether it be chucking Winter Melons or mowing zombies down with Gatling Peas. With just a little Garlic and some Wallnuts , all you ever really need are two row offensive rows instead of five.

Pumpkin Shells – Insurance. Insure everything that’s reasonably insurable – health, pets, your car, home, business . . . it will cost you, no doubt. But it would cost you more, had you no insurance.

If you’ve been able to draw some more parallelisms, please do share!