Paranormal Activity Movie Review

Oh! Oh! I love scary movies and these reviews makes me more excited to watched it.

The story is about a couple who decided to video the things happening in their house. They came up with that decision because they frequently heard noises and felt that something is with them every time they go to sleep. The husband (Mikah) who is so persistent that he can control it and believes that somehow he can come up with an answer to the question on what is bothering them, took videos of himself and his wife (Katie) wherever they would go. They called a Psychic, but when the Psychic said that he can’t do anything with it, Micah became more curious and even bought a Ouija board to know what really is the thing bothering them. This action of him made Katie mad, and they constantly fought about it. This negative effect of fighting I think made the spirit stronger. From the usual noises they heard, it became more intense. They saw their door opened and then closed by itself, they saw shadows and unusual footprints, and so on.

I know this review already spoiled your excitement to watch the movie, I’m sorry I can’t help to tell it. Overall the movie has a few actions that we normally see in any scary movies but after watching it that is when the effect begin to kick in. I became paranoid when I heard noises and every time I think of the movie, it makes my skin crawl. Well, it’s for you guys to find out if you’re brave enough to watched it alone or I suggest with friends (I’m not saying that I am brave but I am just curious that’s why I watched it hahaha!)

If you like the Exorcist, I think you will love this too. Goodluck!