Part 2 Of Selling Your Home – Some Do's And Don'ts And Common Sense Advice

Part 2 Of Selling Your Home – Some Do’s And Don’ts And Common Sense Advice

1. If your home has extreme colour schemes or themed decoration, these need to be got rid of before selling. Your child may love their bedroom with the bright pink walls with ballet dancer stickers, but any potential buyer is only going to see the work needed to redecorate. Individuals looking at your home want to know that they can easily modify the colour scheme and decorations to their own personal tastes. A potential new owner’s first impression could be the deciding factor on whether they want your home or not, so keep colour schemes neutral.

2. Make sure that your garden is kept in decent condition as this can reflect of the price you can get for your house. You may have dogs who have turned the garden into dying grass with big holes all over, or children that have run around so much it is just a pile of mud and dirt; this means that any potential buyer is going to know that they need to spend time and money making it look nice again.

3. Many individuals forget about the plumbing, this is a fast way to drop the value of your home and put people off buying it. They can range anywhere from a leaking faucet to a broken pipe. Do not ever forget or leave plumbing problems alone, wishing that the fault will resolve itself. This can result in mold in the home which can make a home virtually unsaleable.

4. The location of your home is important, unhappily you can’t resolve this. As a BC real estate professional, my listings are rather in nice environment. Prospective buyers consider the location of a home to be one of the most important elements when purchasing. Buyers will look into where the property is located in relation to the amenities they want; such as schools, shops and their work place. Did you hear about the case of the odd and even numbered homes in one neighbourhood seeing a large difference in the value of their homes? There was a simple justification for this disparity. The odd-numbered properties backed on to an interstate highway and some ugly utility lines, and the effect was that the even-numbered houses were worth about 10 percent more than the odd-numbered ones.

5. Bathroom/kitchen carpets: Carpets soak up moisture which in turn leads to damp and mold, so even though carpets may feel good under foot, they are a breeding ground for germs and are nearly impossible to keep in good condition. Carpets in kitchens can have food dropped on them which will also stain and become unhygienic, so for these areas look at putting down tiles or a wooden floor.