Passion for Action

So many people love football betting lines. I’m one of them. Every Sunday morning, I check the lines, make my decisions, turn on the computer and place my bets at Then, I wait for the hard-hitting action to begin. Whether I win or lose that week isn’t really important. Okay, maybe it is. I prefer to win. That said, nothing can stop me from checking out the football betting lines the following week. It’s the action we all love, and as long as you know how to keep it under control, it’s the action we all get a thrill from. There’s nothing wrong with that. Football betting lines are fun for me because I like to analyze why the line is set the way it is. For instance, if I feel a team should have been favored by seven and they’re actually favored by 12, I ask myself why that’s the case. Is there something the general public is unaware of? An injury to the starting QB? A rift in the locker room? There are so many possibilities. When you look at football betting lines, don’t just look at the number, but why the number is what it is. Isn’t it amazing how when the NFL weekend is approaching, we go to look at the lines before reading up about the game? Football betting lines have some kind of powerful draw for action fans. Then, when the game beings, we get very excited and nothing else in the world can phase us. We live and die a little with each reception, first down, interception and touchdown. By the end of the day, we feel like we’ve run an emotional marathon. The funny thing about that is that’s exactly what brings us back the following week. I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s football betting lines!

Charlie Jones has been monitoring the online sportsbook industry since 1997. Over the past 10+ years, he has played at, and written reviews of many different online gaming & sportsbook websites. Charlie also blogs about winning strategies for football betting lines that he uses to actually make money when he makes sports bets online.