Passionate About The Fender Strat

Musicians are a passionate people who in the 1950s were brought the Fender Stratocaster electric guitar which was designed by Leo Fender and Freddie Tavares. Electric guitars are appreciated by true enthusiasts who realize that the electrical signals are an excellent source of adding ‘colour’ to sounds and really amplifying their creations. Since the early 50s, the popular Fender Strat has been proudly used in live performances by many great artists to create unforgettable and timeless music. Genres such as rock, blues and jazz have been significantly affected by the Fender Strat throughout history.

The Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton was a Fender Strat aficionado since the 1970’s. With this instrument the renowned tune “Layla” was created. Eric Clapton and Eric Gordon created this song which is to this day, considered one of the rock’s ultimate love song creations.

The legendary musician who assisted the development blues into a modern context is Jimi Hendrix and he used a Fender Strat through the main part of his career; even using it in the 1960 Woodstock Festival. It is safe to say that he helped in continuing to popularize the Fender Strat (especially in the famous white finish) when he not only burned his beloved electric guitar, but when he sang “…The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar….” Through this pride, Fender created a limited edition Hendrix model Stratocaster in 1997.

The Fender electric guitar was also used by another musician/ legend; John Lennon. He used the Fender Strat on famous ‘Sergeant Pepper’ sessions and for the unforgettable ‘Imagine’ album. The celebrated Fender Strat was photographed with John Lennon in the Late 1980’s and has now become iconographical to his image and the image of Fender as a quality electric guitar.

A recent musician taking the world by storm has not surpassed the chance to work with an incredible and top of the range, revolutionary electric guitar either. John Mayer has been a proud Fender Stratocaster for years. In fact, this instrument has helped lead to an incredible achievement of winning a Grammy Award. John Mayer recognizes that it is the versatility of the Fender that has allowed him to also become versatile in his entering and reaching positive feedback from fans that appreciate a variety of music genres.

Clearly the Fender Stratocaster, in its many arrays of models is essential to the life of musicians; in particular aspiring rock and rollers. To get your name published within the list of the world’s greatest guitarists in the renowned magazine; ‘Guitar World,’ pick up a Fender Strat and start your new musical adventure now.

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