Perhaps: Inside Every Person Who May Look Shy — There is a Person Who is Quite Inwardly Active

My experience with being an introvert, is this:

Being that I do not have a booming-voice and I take time to gather my thoughts before I speak, it definitely hinders my social interaction. The reason being is this — I tend to lack firmness, and it seems like I’m sometimes second-guessing myself… which projects, and is perceived as a lack of confidence. 

People may brush me off, as if I do not know what I am talking about — because of that lack of firmness. A comparison would be to a person who stutters; (which I don’t; however — occasionally I do hesitate when speaking). The person who stutters may appear scared; as if knowing what to say — but are anxious to say it. Or — They may look like they don’t know what to say, because that is what the stuttering may convey. That is what may be perceived, but not neccessarily the case. As in my gathering-of-thoughts — the lack of decisiveness/firmness may be all in the motor skills, or in a flatter sounding voice than what is usual; and not in me being too bashful to say what’s on my mind. 

Being that inwardly, I do absolutely have an active mind — but it is not obvious, by the lack of my vocal-chattiness. 

Writing comes easily for me; probably because the transmission (if you will), of communication is direct. From my mind, to the keyboard; and black-and-white, onto the screen. There is no vocal static. There is no (perception of) bashfulness. 

This is the paradox ~ 

When under-pressure, as in speaking on the phone for business — the introvert may not respond well to the on-the-spot quickness of the pressure. However, given a blank piece of paper to write on, the introvert may have no challenge at all saying what is on his or her mind; and saying it quickly. 

However — (the following, may also be a general tendency… for extroverts): The extrovert, may find public speaking a very enjoyable and comfortable experience. On-the-flip-side — An extrovert may be at loss for words, when given a piece of paper and asked to compose a composition. 

For extroverts, their outward strengths are easy to see; and as for the introverts — their inward strengths may be worth delving into; one simply needs to be aware, that strong suits are not as initially apparent regarding some individuals.