Pet Jewelry Come In Various Designs

Personally, I am proud of being a pet owner. I wear dog jewelry around my neck, just to show off how I love my pet poodle with a nice pendant. I also got dog earrings. The amount of jewelry that I put on myself is really nothing compared to how much I dress up my cute little puppy. In my personal opinion, she is the most nicely dressed pet in the entire city, and if not the whole country. I let her wear a fzzy nice knitted sweater that comes with a matching adorable little cap for her shorn and trim head and body to be kept nice and warm. I think that just about everyone, who like me owns a very well manicured poodle has the same idea as me – to get them really nice pet clothing and pet jewelry. This is just the way I ensure that she shines out, through the lovely pet jewelry that she’s wearing.

My dog Fluffy’s pet jewelry craze started where most other dogs had their start too – right on the collar. A lot of dogs are wearing collars and if your dog is not, then it is really time to get one. Your dog will thank you if you did. While most of the other dog’s collars are just of the simple and functional variety, the one that my dog Fluffy has is just a stunning piece of art and a really beautiful pet jewelry. It’s done in a vibrant hot pink and covered completely with sparklig bright rhinestones. I am sure that if you see it, you will agree with me that it is just the cutest thing in this whole entire world. More adorable is that hanging from her pet jewelry is a little pendant which shows her name and our home address in very elegant script. So that just in case Fluffy wanders about, she will never get lost. This collar is not only the cutest pieces of pet jewelry, it’s also very functional. If a dog catcher picks her up in case she gets lost, then they will know how to find me and they can just call me up immediately. All thanks to my dog Fluffy’s pet jewelry!

Fluffy also has some other pet jewelry aside from this collar. At this time when just about all dogs have a collar and pendant, Fluffy has additional stuff too like the anklets which I like to make her wear, one on each of her four feet. These anklets are cute little rings made of metal with tinkling bells attached to them. So t hat when I take Fluffy to a walk in the park, I will be able to know that she is there because these bells jingle when she walks. This pet jewelry just adds a very elegant look to Fluffy that most other dogs do not have. I know that Fluffy is very proud of all the pet jewelry which I have bought for her.

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