Pet Training And Importance OF Dogs

Dog is a pet and  domestic animals that are kept by individuals in our various homes,cities and other parts of the world.

Dogs are trained by all and individuals with various reasons.
Many also believed that rearing dogs is a way of life which is quite different from other peoples views.
Now let us look at various reasons why we keep and trained dogs in our homes

The followings are importance of keeping dogs in our homes
1 DOG SERVES AS SOURCES OF INCOME-Many people today rear and keep dogs just for the purpose of raising money for their living and revenue generations.

2 IT SERVES AS EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY FOR THE PEOPLE-Majority of people today are engaged in dog rearing and keeping business that serves a source of employment and jobs for them.
They devote all their time,money and energy and all other available resources towards the rearing and keeping of the animals

3 DOGS HELPS IN GIVING AND TRANSFERRING INFORMATION-Dogs are kept in order to give an alert whenever there is danger looming around our homes and vicinities.
Examples are when  people of questionable characters are around the house the dogs will bark and give sound that people are around thereby making the whole people wake up and  be at alert .

4 DOGS ARE KEPT FOR HUNTING PURPOSES-Many farmers and hunters today used dogs as their companion when they are out for hunting and farming
The dogs are used to detect where animals are hidden in the bush by hunters and farmers.
They also serves as an escort and defense for the hunters and farmers when going out for farming and hunting.

5 IT IS USED AS EXPERIMENTAL PURPOSES BY PSYCHOLOGIST-The psychologist used dogs as an experiment to determined peoples and workers behaviors and attitudes towards their duties which automatically affects and impact the level of success achieved by the company or establishment.
In this way they used two model approaches which are



1 In coercive method approach models, dogs are  coerced and forced and threatened to do or perform certain acts under duress which made the dogs to be very stubborn and fierce and turned to be aggressive without listening to his masters voice or instructions.

When dog is forced to drink water first without first giving it food to eat,it will refuse and feel reluctant to drink water no matter amount of pressure mounted on it will not make it drink water.

2 In motivational methods approach models,the psychologist assume that if dogs are given food first instead of water and after eating and finished with the food,it then have ability to drink from the water without anyone forcing it to drink water and if the dogs are motivated every day by way of regular food intake and be given all necessary attention due to it the dogs will performed to expectations.

If there are enemies around the dogs will bark and give a sign that the keeper will know that there must be cogent reasons while the dogs barks and prepare himself ready against any attack.

He then likened the studies of this dogs behaviors to the work environment whereby if the workers are handle and controlled by coercive leaders,there will be low productivity and failures in business in general but if the workers are motivated from time to time and given all necessary assistant by the employer that will enhanced their life positively they will performed better and this will enhance and increased production levels and also maximize profit.

He therefore suggested that employers of labor can boost and maximize profit if their employees are motivated adequately while non motivated employee will not put in their best in promoting and developing the company or organizations.

6 IT IS USED IN COMMUNICATION PURPOSES-Dogs are used in communication purposes such as sending them on errands to deliver parcels and messages from one place to the other.
In the developed world some experts used dogs to distribute letters and parcels of envelopes to the owners.

Bags are tied round the waist of the dogs with lots of pockets that can contain letters and parcels inside,then the dogs are directed by the owners to go and deliver it to the owners in the neighborhood the first time while the dogs can go and deliver another messages next time.

7 DOG SERVES AS A COMPANION-This means that dog helps in keeping companies with people.

It will not let someone feel lonely and helps in domestic activities but sometimes cruel if condition is not conducive.

8 IT SERVES AS SOURCES OF FOOD FOR THE MASSES-Dogs are used a s meat for consumption by both people who rear it and those who buy them for food consumptions
The meat and the flesh are full of fats and protein substance that helps in healthy growth.

The researcher and scientist came out with a views that whenever there are deadly diseases looming around the town or cities,it will first affect the dogs rather than human beings and when the rate of death among the dogs rises above normal,then there is tendencies that same disease and sickness can be transfer to human beings thereby finding immediate solutions to avoid occurrence by ways of immunization and quarantine measures and approach.

Since dogs are sensitive to odors and irritations,they quickly respond to stimuli while the scientist take cognizance of their actions immediately

.it is called scientific discoveries and revolution

Many dogs today are used for racing, recreations and exercises and sporting activities.

Many sports men or athlete today used dogs as their running partners that encourage them to increase their strength and ability to do more when engaged in sporting activities.

Above all dogs play a significant roles in many peoples life and serves a s protection for the masses.


Dogs are domestic animals that needs to be care for so as to get the best out of them
We can care for our dogs in various way amongst are

1 GOOD FEEDING HABIT-Dogs must be given a special and accurate feeding so that it will get power and ability to work and perform all duties expected of them
Good feeding habit must be practiced both in the morning and afternoon and evening.

2 GOOD MEDICAL TREATMENT- The dogs must be given adequate and good medical attention to prevent them from diseases and sickness
Dogs need good vaccination and treatment against contagious disease and sicknesses.

3 GOOD HOUSING HABIT-Our dogs should be given good and sound housing care that will prevent them from danger and injury.

4 REGULAR AND ROUTINE CHECK UP-This means that you have to inspect the dogs on regular basis to determined how they are doing and know if any is affected by disease and infection and see how to cure and prevent such occurrence.

Above all take good and proper care of your dogs and they will serve you better