Photography and arts: how to take better pictures

People love to take photo of themselves and their environment, like traveling. You can learn a few tips so that you can take great photos. Sometimes you would see people with photos that are clutteredor don’t get the point across. Some photos are just very crowded with unnecessary backgrounds. You can learn a few tips so you take better picture next time.

You can bring enough films and battery with you on your trip. You can bring an extra camera for use in case the current one is no good. Know what you want to shoot. Have a purpose with your shots. You don’t want just to shoot something that has no meaning either. Use the best light available. The more light the better. The low level of light is not good for your photos.

Take pictures of weird, unusual, abstract, surprise events. These will turn out to be very good and not boring. The more artistic the better.
Take photos in the morning or evening for good atmosphere. Take photos when the lights are good. Poor lighting causes poor photos. Clear background of clutter. Clutter will just make the background not interesting. It doesn’t need to be there.

Clear background of unwanted things. They don’t need to be there. Focus on the face of a person if you’re taking a picture of them. The face has more meaning than anything else. It makes the picture stands out. We want to see the character of the person. It’s no good if you’re going to take a picture of someone far away but all you see is a body from far away and you can’t see their face. It’s no good. Take pictures that are meaningful. Not everything will be tasteful. Take something that has a value to the viewer.

Pay attention to a special part of the scene and take that part. Like a curve on a road. You want to capture that curve. The part of the sea that has light reflection, you want to take that part of the sea. If there’s snow on a tree then capture that snow because that’s the interesting part of the tree. You want to capture things that are interesting.
Provoke emotions of your photos. You want to add the emotions as much as possible. If you take a photo of a baby, take it when they’re crying or laughing or running. Don’t take it when they’re just sitting still with no emotions. Emotions is what will sell in the picture. Any kind of emotions will be better than no emotions at all. Use as much focus as possible on the subject that you want o capture.

Ask people for permission if they’re in the picture. The special part of nature. Take the bright sun rising or setting. Take the chicken running around. Focus on interesting sites. Use different angles instead of just the center of things. Different angles will interpret the pictures differently and it may be very interesting. If you have a model then make that model pose for you with all the emotions that you required. Make up the background by adding and deleting things. You can add some flowers, some fake snow, or delete a scene by removing clutter.