Pitfalls You Should Not Fall For When Using Discount Coupons – How to Know a Real Sale

No smart shopper ever goes to the grocery store without discount coupons handy. Using coupons can cut your total grocery tab by as much as 50%! Now that amount of money can add up over time and give you enough for a nice vacation to those places you’ve always dreamed of going.

Smart shoppers know how to effectively and efficiently use coupons so that the only thing they get out of it are the best rewards and gains! Now if you want to get more value from your discount coupons avoid these pitfalls and you’ll be on your way to being a smart shopper while maximizing benefits in real time:

1. Do not be led to buy items you do not need. The idea of coupons from the manufacturer’s perspective is to make more sales and have people consume their products or try newly released ones. Now in using your coupons, it is wise to get only what you use regularly. If you get tricked into buying something you do not need, that is not real savings but actually over spending in disguise! For example, you do not really consumer cereals for breakfast but you have coupons for $1 if you buy a pack of four. It may sound good at first but it really means that your coupon will give you only $0.25 discount per pack and for something you do not even need, this can be a wast of your precious resources!

2. Do not buy branded items even when you have discount coupons for them. What is so wrong with purchasing branded items especially when you have discount coupons to present at the counter? Nothing! But buying generic items with discount coupons will earn you more savings and give your money more weight. It can allow you to get multiple items instead of just one, automatically giving you a fuller cart without adding to your total cost. Also, there are tons of generic items that are of the same quality as the branded ones. Do not allow your discount coupons to lure you into getting expensive brands when you can obviously get them for less as non-branded items.

3. Do not use discount coupons without reading the fine print. There are many shoppers who end up having headaches at the check-out counter after presenting a coupon that does not work. There are many reasons why it may not work. It can be because the coupons are already expired or because they are for exclusive use for a particular size or variant of a product. The point is, you can avoid this hassle at the counter by simply reading the fine print located on your coupons!