Placing Adsense ON Your Blog

Let’s do a quick recap up to this point in case you have some catching up to do.

1.) Do you know what AdSense is?
2.) Are you familiar with the terms: blogging and bloggers?
3.) Have you successfully setup your very own blog with the Blogger service?
4.) Do you have an understanding of Google’s Terms of Service so your account doesn’t get banned?

If you answered no to any of those questions, simply follow the link to my post explaining in more detail before you continue on. Otherwise, it’s time to put AdSense on our blog and start making money (with some patience, of course)!

The great thing about Blogger is it makes it dead simple to get started. First, head over to Blogger and log into your account. When you do that, it should automatically bring you to your “Dashboard”. Here’s a picture of my current dashboard:

To get started, simply click on the “Layout” link on the bottom right of your Dashboard summary and you’ll see something similar to this:

What you’re seeing here is a high level breakdown of your web design. Most sites (like my own) are composed of a header, menu, content, and a footer (not shown in my picture). To get AdSense up and running on your blog, click any of the dotted areas that are labeled: “Add a Page Element”.

Once you do that, you’ll get a pop up (make sure any anti-pop up software is disabled) with many options to choose from. From here, click on the AdSense section button: “Add To Blog”. The icon is marked with dollar bills (Oh yeah!).

We’re almost home…

Now you have a screen that let’s you choose format options and colors. It even gives us a nice little preview to save us time later on! We’ll dissect these options more in future articles, but for now keep the defaults.

Hit the “Save Changes” on the AdSense window – it should close automatically. At this point you are all set! You can click on the “Preview” button on the original page to view your changes or simply refresh your blog. You also have the ability to move the AdSense up or down – or move it to a completely different page element altogether! (Just make sure you preview your changes before you save)

I wasn’t lying when I said you don’t have to be a web guru to get this setup, was I? Now you have the tools setup to pull in some extra revenue (hopefully a steady stream). Well, not quite. This isn’t a get-rich-quick-scheme. It’s going to take some time, patience and hard work (I saw you roll your eyes). Nothing comes easy, but if you stick around we can get there together.