Plasa TV’s Pros and Cons

Plasma TV’s are a great new technology, they are leading the way to the new digital change over.  Plasma TV’s are very thin, usually under 4″ making them very nice to hang on the wall. However Plasma TV’s can still be placed on a TV stand.  If you decide to hang your plasma then a wall mount would have to be purchased. (You will have an option of getting a fixed mount, tilt moun, or fully adjustable mount.) Plasma TV’s have a viewing angle of about 170 degrees making them great for viewing from all angles. Plasmas have a rated life span of 60,000 hours, about 20 years viewing 8 hours a day.  Plasma TV’s have a very good refresh rate making them great TV’s for viewing sports and movies. 

Plasma TV’s will use more energy then any other TV choice out there, so look into getting one that is energy star approved. Plasma TV’s can obtain screen burn in. However newer plasmas are less likly to get this but it is still possible.  This will happen from leaving a show on pause for long periods of time, or brodcasters logos can burn in.

Overall plasma TV’s are a great choice when looking into getting a new TV. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your new TV.