Plastic Surgery For Men

Although our society is typically harder on women when it comes to aging, men often worry about those wrinkles under their eyes. More and more, men are undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures to reverse the results of aging. And the results are similar for both sexes after cosmetic surgery, men often feel exceedingly more confident in their appearance. Indeed, we are so steeped in stereotypes that when we think about nose jobs or facial procedures, we often picture a woman going under the knife. But the truth is that men are just as willing to obtain a facelift. Men are under pressure to look good as well, and looking younger, thinner and more vibrant is what we all want. Cosmetic surgery is becoming a common solution to the aging everyone eventually sees in the face.

Men who work in business environments are especially sensitive to the pressures of looking good. Men are dying their hair, purchasing products to make their skin appear as youthful as possible and sometimes even wearing makeup to conceal any temporary redness or acne. The numbers suggest that men between the ages of 45 and 55 are now considering plastic surgery operations as a solution to the aging they see in their bodies.

Surgeons have recognized this trend and are doing what they can to cater to men who want these procedures. In the mid-eighties, a mere ten percent of patients undergoing cosmetic procedures were men. Ten years later, the percentage had doubled. Now, the percentage of male patients has risen to 35 percent. Now there are surgeons who cater to the needs of male patients. Surgeons now offer hair removal, hair transplants, chin implants and laser lipolysis for men.

Most commonly, male patients seek remedies for their wrinkles, receding hairlines, sagging eyelids, frown lines, crow’s feet, disproportionate body hair, baggy necks and fatty chests. Unsurprisingly, many men have undergone procedures to remedy their receding hairlines. This is perhaps the most popular procedure for men. But, like women, many men also undergo facelifts, collagen injections, ear tucks, eyelid surgery and chin implants. Laser surgery is being performed on men to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and even out skin tones damaged by the sun. Liposuction is being performed on male candidates who want to be rid of their double chins or the excess weight in their abdominal regions.

When we talk about cosmetic implants, we often picture women and their breast augmentations. But men are receiving implants on a regular basis these days – including calf, pectoral and chin implants added to the body to make it appear more ideal. Men like women want to look younger and remain attractive, even as they grow older. Many men are thrilled with the results of their plastic surgery, noting they have received excellent feedback on their appearances and are feeling better about the competitive atmosphere of their jobs. Countless men cannot lose excess fat on their own and feel that going under the knife is the only way to make that happen.