Play Winning Monopoly

Here is how you make money the Monopoly way:

0) Act innocent. I swear, the more people realize that you know what you are doing, the less willing they are to trade with you. If they think you are a shark, they always think they are getting screwed on the deal.

1) Buy every property you land on that isn’t a utility. Properties are valualble because they give you rental income, you can use them to trade with other players for properties you want, and you can combine them to form monopolies. Utilities are the only properties that are not worth at least their listed price. Only buy them at a severe discount, say $90.

2) Trade properties to acquire at least one monopoly (a full set of all the properties in a color group) while trying to keep other players from forming monopolies.

In general, the most desireable monopolies (in declining value)


Dark Blue




Violet / Light Blue

The Railroads

Purple (Medieranean and Baltic Avenue)

The Utilities.

This is not a perfect ranking because the value of these monopolies depends on how much cash you have to develop them. For example, if there is hardly any money in the game, the light blue properties might be more valueable than the blue properties because they cost less to develop.

This ranking is there to help you decide how much of a premium you are willing to pay to achieve a monopoly over the list price. I would pay a slight premium over any property’s list price, except in the case of the utilities.

3) Develop your properties as soon as you can build three houses on each property in a color group. You want to build three houses because the rents jump up dramatically between the second and third house.

If you have two monopolies, do not build more than three houses on a property until all the properties you can build on have three houses.

If you are strapped for cash you might want to weight until it becomes possible for your opponent to land on a property before you develop it. Using this rule, only develop if an opponent is 12 spaces from your property. If you want to find the most probable place an opponent will land, count seven spaces from her current space.