Poker Terms. ABC. B’s

Poker terms for new players


Refers to all small cards in the Wheel apart from that Ace. 2,3,4,5.

Bachelor Hand.
Slang for King-Jack offsuit as your starting hand in Texas Hold’em.

To make your five card hand on the last two communal cards. This is also known as runner-runner.

Back into a Hand.
To draw to a hand other than the one you were expecting. For example you hope to hit a straight, yet flop a flush draw with a hand like 6h-7d.

Backed up.
Paired hole cards.

A non-player that supports a player financially in return for a percentage of their winnings.

Back to Back.
To catch two cards, both of which you need, one after the other.

Bad Beat.
A situation in which a player with a high expectation on winning he pot fails to win it as a result of an unlikely card or cards.

A small bet made to encourage a raise. Usually made on a strong hand, and one which would theoretically justify a bigger bet, but on which you choose to be deliberately cautious so as not to frighten off your opponents.

Balance tables.
To move contestants from one table to another during a tournament to ensure that each has approximately the same number of players. Players are usually moved from the big blind and placed furthest from the dealer on the other table.

The money which you support yourself while playing poker over a period of time.

Barely Legal.
Slang for pocket deuces in Hold’em, 22 being only slightly older than 21.

Abbreviated term for a full barn, which is slang for a full house.

Base Deal.
To deal from the bottom of the pack, as a strategy to cheat.

Beat the Board.
1. In Stud, to have a hand better than any other players board.
2. In Hold’em to be able to make a better hand than the five Community Cards make on their own.

Beer Hand.
Slang for 7-2 offsuit as your starting hand in Hold’em. Statistically this is the worst hand you can have and therefore you would only play in drunk.
1. To have a worse hand then your opponents.
2. Refers to your position on the table. If you are to the immediate left of the Big Blind you are said to be behind the Big Blind.

Behind a Log.
The situation is which a player is so far in profit that they only choose to play premium hands in the hope of protecting their stack.

An inside car which completes a straight draw. Also known as a Gut Shot straight draw.

To put money in the pot, to wager that your hand is better than your opponents.
There are two reasons to bet in poker.
1. If you hold a strong hand, the motivation for making a bet is simple, you wish to encourage as many people as possible to call your hand and increase profit.
2. When holding a weak hand, you bet to scare off opponents in order to win the pot.

Bet Blind.
To bet without first looking at your cards.

Bet in the Dark.
To announce a bet before checking your cards, or sometimes before they have been dealt.

Bet Into.
To bet against somebody who has previously represented a strong hand.

Bet Odds.
Odds based on guessing how many players will call the bet.

Bet on the Come.
To bet without yet having made your hand. For example you hold a big draw, and bet hoping to make it.

Bet the Pot.
To raise the pot by the amount which is already in it.

Betting Structure.
The set of specific rules for any game covering how many may or must be bet at any point in the game, including forced bets and limits and raising cap.

Big-Bet Poker.
Any no limit or pot limit game, most often referring to a high-stakes game.

Big Chick.
A slang of Ace-Queen in a game of Texas Hold’em

Big Full.
A Full House, Aces of Kings.

Big Game, The.
Infamous High-Stakes game with an 80,000 minimum buy-in held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas

Big Lick
Slang for 6-9 as your hole cards in Texas Hold’em

Big Slick
Slang of Ace-King as your hole cards in Texas Hold’em
Starting hand in Hold’em of Ace-Jack.

A card which fails to improve your hand.

To win small amounts incrementally over a long period of time.

1. A forced bet by players immediately left of the dealer.
2. A term applied to any action by a player before seeing some piece of information to which that player would normally be entitled before that action.

Blinded out.
The situation in a tournament hen a player is so short staked they are eliminated simply by having to place a mandatory Blind once a round.

Blind Stealing.
To bet with nothing, either from late or middle position in the hope that the small and big blinds will fold.

Blow Back.
To lose money recently won within the same session. When you begin to blow back, it is usually time to leave.

To represent a hand of greater value than the one you actually hold in order to win the pot.

1. The collective name for the Table Cards in any community card game.
2. The collective name for any cards dealt face up during a stud game.

A Full House.

Four cards to a straight or flush. A non standard hand.

Slang for Aces. (Bootlaces)

The best possible hand, also known as The Nuts.

To deal yourself an advantageous card dishonestly from the bottom of the deck.

Bottom End.
The lowest possible straight in a community card game.

Bottom Pair.
The lowest pair possible, given the board, in any community card game.

A minimal cash bonus given to any player who knocks out a competitor during a tournament. Each player is issued a bounty chip at the beginning of play.

Break a Table.
In a Knock-out Tournament, to take a table out of play as the overall number of players decreases.

A card which fails to improve a particular hand, also known as a Blank.

An almost imperceptible insertion made into a pack of cards by a cheat in order to signal to his accomplice where in the deck to cut the cards.

Bring In.
To open a round of betting, that is to make the first bet. In most games the player left of the dealer has the option to bring in, however in stud the bring in is made by the player holding the highest card shown.

A Straight which runs 10-Ace.

Broadway Card.
Any card which contributes to a Broadway straight. 10,J,Q,K,A

Those finishing positions in a tournament just outside of the payout stages. The Bubble boy is the player who finishes 1 place out of the money.

Slang for a starting hand in Hold’em of 4-4.

1. Slang for an Ace.
2. Another term for a chip.

To act aggressively in an attempt to control that pace of the game and intimidate other players into taking decisions for the wrong reasons.

To Raise the Bet.

Buried Pair.
A pair dealt face down, and therefore concealed.

To discard a single card before dealing the table cards during a community game. This is done to stop cheats from identifying a marked card on top of the deck.

Bust a Player.
To knock someone out of a tournament.

Bust Out.
To lose all your chips after the Rebuy Period of a Tournament has ended, thereby being eliminated.

Busted hand.
A straight or Flush draw which fails to materialise beyond the third or fourth card.

1. A token which represents the position of the dealer. The button may move clockwise around the table from hand to hand.
2. Shorthand for the player on the button.

The minimum amount of chips necessary to join a particular game.

Buy Short.
To buy into a Cash Game for less then the required Buy-in.

Buying the Button.
When a new player sits down, they have the option to post both blinds, Big and Small in order to obtain the button and play the round of hands.