Police Discover Outlandish, Affluent College Student Secret Source Of Income

Born in Malaysia, Christine, was just a regular teenager, there wasn’t anything special about her. She was just another student, but no one knew that she was about to become the talk of the town. Witness the story of how this young woman came to money and how the police would soon ruin her parade.


Daily Mail UK

Christine had become a fashion phenomenon on campus. Not because she was wearing weird clothes or showing too much cleavage or anything like that. The reason for her fame were her Christian Louboutin heel, Moschino smartphone case and a $1,500 Hermes Birkin Bag.


Daily Mail UK

Her fellow students just couldn’t understand how a college teen could afford something so expensive. But, they just thought that she had really rich parents. Well, if that was the case, they must be related to Richie Rich, because she went to a Christian Dior shop and spent over $200,000.


Daily Mail UK

At first, a couple extra hundred dollars weren’t that significant for her. She thought that they were just a gift from her parents that decided to award her with some cash. But, it wasn’t until a couple months later when the money became much more than her family could afford to send.


Daily Mail UK

How much do you think women can spend on clothes? How does your girlfriend or your daughter or your wife spend? Well, Christian Jiaxin Lee didn’t spare any expenses. This girl bought Herme, Chanel and Dior products of every kind. At the end, she spend $4.6 million on just clothes.


Daily Mail UK

The reason why she got so much money in her account was because of a banking error that gave Christine an extension on their overdraft limit, sort of an unlimited extension.


Daily Mail UK

The bank finally realized what went wrong. And, they tracked down Lee and interrogated her about what she did with the money. And, the senior manager that called her didn’t really like her answer.


Daily Mail UK

Christine understood that what she had done would land her in jail for decades. It was a scam worth $5 million and she made every effort she could to leave the country as soon as possible. But, the bank sent the police looking for her before she could leave for Malaysia.


Daily Mail UK

The police caught up with Ms. Lee in the nick of time. She was arrested at the Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport right before she was about to board her flight. Now, it was time for the officers to understand the true extent of the damage done.


Daily Mail UK

Some of the stuff could be returned and they got the money back. However, the big pay cut was the $1.3 million. You all thought that Christine was a fool for spending $4.6 million on clothes, right? Well, think again because this woman transferred $1.3 million into private accounts. If she just bought stuff, the case wouldn’t be as solid against her. But, now that the police knew she secured money in accounts, they had proof that she realized what was happening and willingly allowed it to continue.


Daily Mail UK

Obviously, there was a court trial. And, the attorney for Christine decided to play the retarded, dumb teenager card. They made everything seem like there was no deception on the part of the Lee’s. He said that Christine merely thought that the money was coming from her parents in Malaysia. The case would end with Christine walking away to Malaysia with the charges being dropped.