Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete flooring allows you to create the look of marble for the cost of cement flooring! Polished concrete flooring is so shiny you get a durable floor that looks stunning, is functional, hygienic and is low maintenance as well. To add to this, you have the option of getting the desired look through a number of finishes.

Do remember though that you require special equipment so it is definitely not a do-it-yourself project. You would need expert advice on polishing, staining and future maintenance. Eliminate future flooring headaches with polished concrete flooring that brings depth to your ordinary floor surface. When used at home, the micro scratches the flooring gets in a warehouse will show over a considerable period of time. These scratches can reflect light though taking away from the luster so maintenance is essential.

If you have a bland concrete floor in an area of your home or office, getting it polished will instantly turn it into a stylish floor! Use it in your garage or the living room and add to the interior décor of your home. The design possibilities with polished concrete flooring are endless. For decades now, people have believed that in want of durability they will have to trade in the aesthetic appeal of their flooring. However, with the development of polished concrete flooring in the mid 1990, that mindset has changed. Today, polished concrete flooring has completely taken over the retail, shopping mall, restaurant, office complex scenario! Concrete is durable, sturdy, reliable and now classic too.

Once you have installed your polished concrete flooring, it is cheaper to follow proper maintenance than to get it repolished every quarter. You can engage the contractor who polished the floor for the maintenance as well. Here are a few tips for maintaining your polished concrete flooring for its longevity:

– Schedule a daily sweeping and mopping of the floor. Twice daily will be even better.

– Place floor mats at all the entrance points to the area and ensure these are vacuumed on a weekly basis. This is essential to keep the sandy dirt at bay since this is the biggest enemy of your polished concrete flooring.

– A weekly schedule of cleaning with a concrete conditioner for homes and offices with a mop will do well. If you are a large facility then you better have a daily cleaning schedule with a walk behind auto scrubber or a ride on.

– Lastly, you would require machinery to apply high quality liquid polish to the polished concrete flooring. This will eliminate the micro scratches we had talked of earlier that can take away the shine from your flooring. This will also render the floor easier to clean and maintain cutting your long term costs on cleaning and maintenance.

– You can also find penetrating polished or sealers in the market that when used in combination with the lithium densifiers help your maintenance last longer. This will cost you nothing as compared to any repolishing of the floor.

Be sure to discuss your maintenance program for the polished concrete flooring and enjoy the gloss for years to come!