Precautions to protect your identity while enjoying vacation

When you are enjoying your vacation, there is a possibility that thieves will be watching you for an opportunity. Well you should enjoy vacation without any tension, but you should not make simple mistakes to allow thieves to steal your identity.

Take these small precautions while on vacation:

1. You should not keep your valuables in your room while you are away – You should always ask for a locker to your hotel.  Even if your hotel is a reputed one, you should not leave your personal information in your room unattended.  It is possible that someone may enter your room in your absence and take away details without leaving any trace behind.  And people generally tend to leave their passports or driver’s license in the room itself.  The identity thief only wants numbers.

If you are carrying a laptop with you, you should never keep it unattended in your hotel room.  You have to keep it with you or leave it in a locker.

2. Do not access your personal mails or financial information from a public terminal.  There are many cyber cafes around and business center of your hotel may provide you computer facility.  However these places are not safe.  You should take their Internet connection and use your laptop.

Much depends on the available Internet facility also. If the Internet is provided on wireless modems, you should avoid using your laptop even.  The servers of most of these places may not be encrypted, allowing the hackers to steal data.

3. If you rent a car, never keep any identification information in the glove box of the car.  People are generally reluctant to carry their wallets while going to an amusement park or beach.  If someone breaks your car and finds your personal information, he may take the details and even before you reach home, your bank account and credit cards may be accessed to take out as much as possible.

4. You should not use during your vacation ATMs which are not operated by a bank.  These machines may be compromised to take details of your card.  It is better to look for the location operated by a bank even though it takes some time of your enjoyment.

You plan your vacation for enjoyment and not for getting stressed.  When you come back, your money and your identity should be safe, to resume your normal life again.