Pregnancy Weeks 13 – 17

The second trimester is the time when  most women will begin to feel pregnant and look pregnant. For most women it will also be the time when they feel at their best with morning sickness gone and much more energy. So what happens in the second trimester?

Week 13

With a growing feeling of confidence and a sense of reality following the 12 week dating scan most women will now begin to think about the nursery, the birth plan and the actual realities of having a baby. Baby is now so advanced that it has it’s own fingerprints and is about the size of a small carrot or half of a banana. You will be feeling more energetic and hopefully that morning sickness will have waned and in it’s place will be an increased appetite.

Week 14

By now your breasts have started to increase as they fill with colostrum (the first breast milk) and you may have an increased libido. Baby can move it’s hands and even suck it’s thumb. Baby’s hair is growing (all over it’s body). You may start to look a bit pregnant and will probably have to move into stretch pants or pregnancy pants. Now is a great time to start some gentle exercise or join a pregnancy yoga or aquaerobics lesson.

Week 15

Baby is the size of a small kitten and may have begun to hiccup. This is practice breathing and may continue for some time. When baby gets bigger you may even be able to feel them hiccup. If this is not your first baby you have probably started to feel quickening. This is the first fluttery movements of baby which are strong enough got you to feel. If this is your first baby you will feel quickening any time between now and 20 weeks.

Week 16

Baby may begin to play with it’s first ever toy – his/ her umbilical cord which is in grabbing distance and provides lots of practice for hands and fingers. Your tummy and back may start to twinge a little now with the increased demands of a growing baby and uterus.

 Weeks 17 – 20