Prepared Marinated Chicken

Marinated chicken can be made in many different variations I would like to share my way of marinated chicken as I have had many compliments on it as when it is complete it will look glassy like it is a picture off of a menu. :).

First you can either by chicken breast from the local market or store which ever you wish to by it from I will usually just to go a place that sells the chicken in a large bag this way you can get 20 pieces for $5 or $10 dollars.

Now you can also make a choice on what type of dressing you want to use as I love to use Italian Dressing as I have come to realize it is the best for marinating the chicken.

Now once you have gotten all the items you need you take the chicken and cut off any of the bad edges and clean the chicken. Now for the interesting part of this take a knife and poke a whole straight through the middle of each piece of chicken.

Now once you have done this take the chicken and put it into a bowl with a lid put in the dressing make sure it is covering the chicken. You can let it sit for short period of time I like to let it sit over night so it settles into the chicken.

Now when you are getting ready to make the chicken on the grill outside of a plug in grill have start grilling the meat and let it cook until it is finished. Make sure you have a separate bowl or clean the bowl you had it sitting in over night and add some dressing to the bowl now as the chicken is done dip each individual piece quickly do not just let it set in the bowl. If you let it set the chicken will not stay hot.

Once you dip the chicken you will see the glassy look I am talking about this is the best chicken you will make from home it is amazing you can also add veggies to the meal or even add some lemon to the dressing for a little extra flavor.