Prevention And Cure For Fibroid

Myoma occur commonly in women of thirty yes old and above to menopause. At menopause, fibroid reduce in growth due to reduced levels of estrogen. One can found out or discover she has fibroid through ultra sound scanning, especially when symptoms are not experienced.

Myoma can cause heavy bleeding, menstrual cramps, spotting between periods, and abdominal bloating. Anemia may occur due to excessive blood loss. Symptoms may show up due to the size of myoma, like pains during intercourse and during bladder action or bowel movement, bringing about frequent urination and constipation. Myoma may hinder pregnancy to take place, due to its activity against the uterus. As such, even though prevention and cure are possible today, prevention is better.

Causes of Fibroid

What causes fibroid growth? Eating meals rich in fast foods and over processed foods, use of brth control pills, high stress levels, results in raising the estrogen level in the body, bringing about growth and development of myoma, though the direct cause is not known. High estrogen levels in red meat, a component found in coffee, obesity, chicken, dairy products and family history, all play a role in the growth and development of fibroid.

Prevention and Cure

How then can the prevention and cure of fibroid be carried out? .Since the above mentioned foods contain high levels of estrogen, soy milk, or soy sauce, or any other soy product should be added to meals as they have estrogen-normalizing agents.Avoid coffee, since it contributes to the growth of fibroid.

Obesity has been mentioned above as a risk factor in bringing about fibroid growth, therefore, there is the need to consume healthy whole food diets, which are low in saturated fats, but high in fiber, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, and fruits and vegetables.

Additional foods to consume for prevention and cure for fibroid include, green vegetables like alfalfa, sprouts, spinach, flax seed oil, walnut oil, pumpkin seed oil and seaweeds – these are rich in Vitamin K. Natural unsweetened yogurt should be added. These foods contain anti-inflammatory and anti-cramping elements.

Nutritional supplements cannot be over-looked when considering the prevention and cure for fibroid. Supplements aid in controlling many of the symptoms that aggravate fibroid, such as heavy bleeding, and partial periods. These supplements also help in the detoxification of the liver, for help in the normal regulation of hormones in the body.

Iron supplements, in addition to vitamin C, are required during heavy bleeding to prevent anemia. Vitamin C aids the absorption of iron. Vitamin C and bioflavonoid together reduce bleeding by strengthening fragile blood vessels.

Vitamin K should be taken for normal blood clotting, Vitamin E for the relief of symptoms of high estrogen levels, Vitamin A for lack during heavy bleeding, vitamin B complex for relief of cramps, and other hormonal troubles. Use primrose oil, as it contains natural anti-inflammatory properties, reducing pains, cramps, promotion of healing.

There is the need to reduce the excess estrogen in the body, and to assist the liver in its function, since the organ breaks down and rids the body of excess estrogen. Methionine and chorine are good supplements. In all a medical scan can be carried out and an operation conducted to remove the fibroid, so as to bring a long lasting relief.

It takes about eighteen months to cure fibroid with natural herbs. Herbal remedies must be such that will help cleanse the liver to enable it flush out toxins and bring relief. A genuine herbal practitioner can be consulted for natural treatment of fibroid.