Print State Functions

Seagate Crystal Reports supports a long list of Print State functions. Print State functions return a value based on where the report is in the process of printing, such as page number. You’ll find some Print State functions under Special Fields in the Field Explorer (choose Insert, Special Fields). The fol­lowing list summarizes the set of Print State functions.

• Previous (fld)

• PreviousValuc (fld)

• Next (fid)

• NextValue (fld)

• IiNull(fld)

• PrcviousIsNull (fld)  

• NextlsNull (fld)

• PageNumber

• TotalPageCourit

• PageNoflVl

• RecordNumbcr

• GroupNumbcr

• RecordSelcction

• GroupSelcction

• InRepcatcdGroupHeadcr

• OnFirstRecord

• OnLastRecord

Though you can use Print State functions in countless ways, I offer a few explanations to help stimulate your own creativity. For more ideas, search SCR’s online Help files with the keywords “print state functions.”

ft    The online help files are an excellent resource! You’ll find explanations for each =   function, as well as examples of the functions in action, Do not let this great resource pats you by.

The Is Null Q function evaluates the specified field and returns true if the field contains a null value. You might use this function in record selection to limit the report to records that have something other than a null value in the field. Or use Is Null Q to search out records and take some action whenever the report encounters a null value.