Problem Faced By Students

Students all over the world face many problems in their academic life. The complete or entire student community is affected by lots of problems like lack of quality education, the threat of unemployment, corruption and criminalization of academic life. These problems make them weak and irresponsible. As students are the future citizens of the world, so each and every country should come ahead and take an oath of providing a clean and unspoilt enviornment to the students. Only then we can come up with some amicable solution.

               The major threat to the student life is disintegration of the joint family, the small nuclear families are emerging. The close knit family atmosphere among the family members has given away. As the cost of living has increased, the mothers too going out in search of job to supplement the family income. The career oriented woman find it very difficult to resign herself for the better future of her children and to confine herself to the home. This creates insecurity among the children. Whenever children need help of their parents, the working parents are not readily available at that time. In the NUCLEAR family, they cannot turn to their grandparents for advice. This creates a vast distance between the children and the parents. Members of the same family feel alienated among themselves. In India, the educational system putting lot of pressure on the children. Children who are barely out of their infancy, get admissioned into kindergarten. In the absence of parents, children watch lot of television, eating unhealthy snacks or junk food and finally suffer from various ailments like dental cavities, severe headache and poor vision. The children are also not encouraged to take a balanced diet resulting in obesity and other related diseases. The pollution in our surroundings affect the health of the child. Breakfast is usually skipped which affects the performance of child in school. The school gives more emphasises on theoretical aspect of education than on the practical. The practical knowledge is very necessary it should be given to the children. Parental and peer pressure to secure good marks hampers the proper development of the child. 

                 Less bright students find it very difficult to compete in the present system and finally they drop out of schools. some students unable to cope with the extreme pressure and take refuge in drugs, alcohols, and cigarettes. Such habits are mainly encouraged by the urgent request of their friends. Lack of proper guidance by the parents and unawareness of the students about the implications of such accepted behaviour lead to their doom. The parents, on their part should consider children as friends and help them out whenever they feel troubled. 

                 At last, the parents and the teachers should jointly take the responsiblity of moulding the personality of the future citizens of INDIA.