Promoting Your Websites Cheaply and Efficiently

A lot of us Internet Marketers have websites to promote, duh, I know.  I’m not a big fan of paying a lot of money to promote them.  If you’re in bigger niches, chances are that pay-per click advertising gets too expensive, especially if we have a ton of sites to promote.

It can obviously start with a mailing list or mailing lists.  You can get an auto responder service for free, but I recommend Aweber for $20 a month.  E-mailing your list or lists is obviously free.

Another cheap way to grow your list or promote your products is to have a blog or blogs.  You can use blogger and blog for free, but I like wordpress better and you can buy a domain name for $10 and set it up that way.

You can obviously write articles or pay someone to write a few articles for you or make some blog posts for you.  There is something that is free, unless you outsource it and it is something that I’m getting more and more into and that is social marketing sites.

They are free to join and they are great because they are so interactive.  You can rely on other people to help build your online business.  The best thing about them is that most people who have a Facebook or Myspace account etc., use them daily.

They usually log into their account at least once a day and so there is plenty of opportunity to market to them.  You can market so many things.  You can market cost per action offers, affiliate products or services, you can market your own products, build your mailing list or just promote your websites or blogs etc.

Just make sure that you check the terms of service of these sites.  You don’t want to spam other members or you could lose your account, so be careful and market the right ways.

Facebook allows you to put links to your websites on your profile, so there are potential clicks from anyone that visits your profile.  They also allow you to start Facebook groups for your niches.  You can start a group and have cost per action links on the group page, affiliate links and links to your own websites.  Everyone that visits your group page is potential free clicks.

You can invite your friends to join your groups and tell them to invite their friends to join.  You can also advertise your group in any number of ways and as long as your group is smaller than 5,000 members, which is a really big group, you can send the whole group messages, at one time.  Lots of promotion that can be done.