Proper Food Combining

Food combining is essential to digestion and overall health. However, most people are not aware of these rules. The following food combining rules will greatly improve digestion. However, disregarding these rules, can cause slow digestion which will lead to gas, bloating, and the rapid rottening of food in your intestines.

Rule 1. Eat Fruit Alone, or leave it alone! This rule is the most important. Why? Fruit is high in enzymes and therefore is pre-digested before it reaches your stomach, if eaten alone. If eaten with other foods ( especially protein which can take 6 hours to digest) It will take much longer to digest. This will cause much distress=gas

Rule 2. Do not combine proteins and starchy carbs– Yep, no meat and potatoes. Yep, no meat and pasta, the cold cut sandwich is not a good combo either.(Now if your digestion system is strong this might not cause a big problem. If you have weak digestion, definitely a no,no. Why? Places a heavy demand on digestive system to release protein and starch digesting enzymes.

 Good Combinations- You can alway eat green and low starch veggies with proteins and other starches. Examples.- Baked chicken with vegetable medley or garlic bread with salad and baked potatoes. If your are skeptical,  try it for a week and notice the difference. Start your day off with Fruit. Fruit first thing in the morning is great for your digestion. Eat your protein meal in the middle of day when the sun is at it’s peak. Lastly end with something light for dinner.