Prospecting Follow-Up

Gather up all the contact information for your new recruits, get comfortable, and let’s start to grow your business. First, call a leader in your organization and let them know what you are preparing to do. The last thing that you want to happen at this point is to get your new recruit excited about your opportunity and not be able to get your “partner” on the line with them on the spot. One of the things you are trying to show your recruit is that your are different than other companies because of the great support and cooperation you receive from the leaders within the company.

At the agreed upon time, call your new recruit Mike and the conversation should go something like this:

“Hi Mike, this is Mary. I met you yesterday at ____________ and promised I’d call you now when we both had more time. I have that information about how I earn more money for you now, you need to hear this. Hold on a minute.”

Immediately, click over and 3 way to a sizzle call about your company.

When the call is over, say “MIKE, ARE YOU STILL THERE?” (if not, don’t worry – you just disqualified another person & won’t waste any more of your valuable time).

If they are still there, next say “MIKE, WHAT DID YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT WHAT YOU HEARD?”

Listen to their answer. What ever the answer, say “THAT’S GREAT, MIKE. I FELT THE SAME WAY WHEN I HEARD WHAT YOU JUST HEARD. HOLD ON A MINUTE MIKE, let me get my business partner on the phone so he can answer any of your questions about the company.

Immediately, click over and 3 way to one of the leaders.

Now comes the easy part, introduce your prospect to the leader. “Hi (the leader’s name), I have my new team mate, Mike, on the line. He is from ______________ and we just finished listening to the presentation. Mike is most interested in the _____________ part of the business. Mike, this is (the leader’s name), a top leader in (company name) who has worked his way up in less than a year and was able to quit his corporate job just recently after doubling his corporate income working this business part time. (You can modify this example to tell your leader’s story).

The leader should now take over. Sit quietly and listen as you let him do what he does best – close the deal!

That should be IT!! You may have to follow-up to walk Mike through the sign-up process, but that is the fun part of prospecting. Instruct Mike to visit your web site and click on the “JOIN NOW” link. Your name should already be on the form under the sponsor information.


Set your mind on “FOCUS MODE” for one year, feed yourself BELIEF, and INTRODUCE this business to as many people as you can. If you do this, the money will find you. It won’t be the people you know now that will make you rich, It WILL be the people that you don’t know yet that WILL!