Psd to Html Conversion Methods

PSD to HTML conversion is indispensable and vital for a website. Without converting the PSD based design files in to a markup language, a website can not be launched into a browser. Therefore, it is necessary to convert PSD to HTML. Basically there are three ways to get this conversion done- manual, outsource and automated tools. Let us discuss about each method in detail.

PSD to HTML conversion done with the help of automated tools provides quick results, which is inexpensive. Most of the times, website owners prefer to get the automated conversion done to save both time and money. However, this type of conversion does not guarantee completely reliable and error free code. The code generated by a software may have certain errors. Now this can have a devastating effect on your website and business. Even a small glitch can ruin the functionality of your business web design and make your business suffer. Therefore, this method of conversion should be avoided.

Manual conversion is considered to be the best. It takes some time to convert each and every page of a site into codes manually, but it guarantees an error free website. Manual conversion also offers other advantages like W3C validation, cross browser compatibility, pixel perfect site, semantic coding etc. A professional and experienced coder ensures that your website looks as good as the original PSD design. There are many PSD to CSS/HTML conversion companies available who offer quality services at an affordable price. This method of conversion is highly recommendable. Before hiring a company, ensure that you check their credibility and quality of services provided by them. Only if you find them credible and reliable, you should hire them.

Outsourcing your conversion project is also a good option. This method is basically beneficial for companies with small budget. Outsourcing the project is cheaper and you do not have to worry about making space in your office for the in house coder. However, before outsourcing your project. Ensure that the company provides manual conversion and does not make use of any software. Outsource your project to a company which promises manual conversion only.

Depending on the requirement and limit of your budget you can choose  a method of conversion for your website. Just make sure that you hire a reliable and quality PSD to XHTML service which guarantees good results within a stipulated time period.         

By Pixelcrayons,