Psychic Abilities Third Eye


Back in fave years I researched on this subjecttrough web with just slight of interest on it. I was on and off with it until last fave months like someone pushed me deep on it , so I tried to train my self and fallow instructions on the subject. I tried to concentrate , relax myself , imagine sun , energy orb etc.. But still there was no results at all. So last weak as I was practicing i got an idea to slightly push my eye as they already ware in position up in direction of forehead a was deeply relaxed just in right line between falling a sleep and awakens , I could still hear people walking around my house , my mom in kitchen and sister walking nervously trough house like she always do so I was aware of my surroundings but i could not fell my body except pressure on my head and in my eyes. So as i pushed them slightly first was lines dancing around like waves, color was gray and black in the middle was eye shaped space so I concentrate my self on it then everything started to spin really fast and i fell slight sickens in my stomach but second i felt it all stooped and I talk to my self LEFT all space went like fireworks little dots of all colors started to spin left and same case was with right side , like u spin sky in deep night over your head. I was thrilled so much i could fell fear I know that’s my self, my defense system so i ignored it and everything went black and little by little on the right side was blue color on the left green it all went in fazes of fave seconds. In space where those two colors mixed appear a big black hole but it was shining like sun but in middle was black as i saw it i heard again LEFT , so i looked left and in the corner there it was big shining orb of light i never sow before it was in the corner and it was yellow and white and head have a spike out of it , I thought my self oh its really happening … at that second it came closer to me and started to go same like sun rinsing and sunset , i could not control it , i felt huge fear now my hart was pumping and i head have to open my eyes a was nervous all wet and fear wasn’t going anyway adrenalin and excitement was huge.

Tomorrow as I went no my job i was still overcome with last experience i just could not take my mind out of it , so when i came on my workplace I could visualize triangle between eyebrow’s of people some triangle was up some down over the forehead (my mind is telling me so ) i still don’t know what that means an now is less there then it was first day , even now i feel pressure on my head its like someone is holding your forehead.

But main reason that I’m sheering this now is that as I went back from my job today , all tired up i went for a little nap on the couch. First i fell a sleep then awake my self and from this point i saw my mom walking around kitchen living room sitting on the couch all normal things that she does , but then i went into dream but I could still hear all what was around me TV, water flushing etc.. same like in first exp. but i head have dream and sound from around me that was in no connection at all , they wear separate like night and day. As i realized that i started for the first time in my life to control my dream when i thought of something it appear or person was doing what was i thinking and i could control all of it and it was real time , so it happens fave time to went back into living room and into sleep and same dream before I was awake and now Im wrighting this .

Please if you have same or similar experience shear it so I know I’m not alone in this also all comments are welcome.
I apologize on any grammar mistakes in text .