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Puerto Rico Travel

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Have you ever thought about breaking away from your standard vacation destination and venturing to a tropical paradise where you can experience rainforest tours, white sanded beaches with crystal clear turquoise water, delicious cuisine, and horse back riding on breath taking passages that words can not do justice for? Well guess what, it’s in your own backyard!  Puerto Rico is generally just a few hours from most major airports on the east coast of the Unites States and only about 7 ½ hours from the west coast.  It’s a destination full of surprises that even the pickiest of travelers are sure to appreciate.

Imagine taking a night-time kayak ride on the bioluminescent bay located in Lajas, watching the water glow under the moonlight; as if mimicking the stars’ twinkling, late night show.

For those of you that love the more rugged and adventurous aspects of traveling, you can always go for a guided tour of the El Yunque National Forest.  Make sure to bring your camera to capture images of parrots flying through the canopy, as well as small primates that swing from the forest’s branches, gathering food and interacting with their group members.

Obviously, no travel destination can be successful without a varied supply of exotic cuisine that makes you wonder how you’ve survived without it for so long. For an experience your taste buds will never let you forget, try chuletas con arroz y habichuelas (Pork with rice and beans), mofongo (mashed plantain that’s fried then filled with seafood), or for the pentacle of all that is savory; try lechón asado (suckling pig, roasted to a juicy, tender main course that will leave you begging for more!).

These probably sound like things only to be had in a fairy tale but they are very real and very attainable!  Come to Puerto Rico and see what you’ve been missing.