Put Your Brain to Work For You

Power of auto-suggestion: Positive suggestions with some amount of concentration put the mind to work. Make affirmative thinking your habit. Bring to your mind optimistic words, constructive phrases; and helpful pictures. Announce to yourself those habits you want. By self-suggestion you can stimulate your mind to become super-functioning machine.

Exercise: Physical exercise does not benefit only the body; but also have some mental improvement with it. Use your mind to exercise by doing some mathematical calculation. Think of new way to do things. Use your less busy time to meditate or even take a walk. Exercise your brain by also reading classical books or traditional novels; it improves the less functioning part of your intellect.

Ask questions: It is said that the world belongs to askers. Therefore, train your intellect to question ideologies. Question your skills on things you are already doing. For example; Are there better ways to do what I am doing? Do puzzles. Situation like this makes your mind to navigate and discover new ways 0f improvement. It grows the mind.

Meditation: Emptying your mind of all thoughts thereby; focusing your mind on one thing strengthens mind development and relaxation. Don’t contemplate on wrong thoughts. But periodic reflections on right thought brings calmness and serenity. When your brain is peaceful it becomes more creative; and reaching to new and better ideas. It becomes imaginative. It is in the imagination world that anything created or invented by man takes its first form. In fact, the imagination is a power house. Your ability to use your imagination meditatively; helps you to tackle various vicissitudes of life.

Brain food: The above points are habits which you can develop. Remember, ways of life built up by you are in your possession. Habits are far better and give higher brainpower than using negative mind stimulant .Don’t  use narcotics it stimulates but with higher side effect. You can also eat brain food like fish, vitamin supplements; fibers and so on. They boost the mind also.

Consequently; our brain is so designed that it can do millions of activities. Modern computers with its make up cannot be compared to it. Incorporate the above practice of auto-suggestion, mental and physical exercises, questionings; meditation; and intake of brain food. You will see yourself rise up one day to be among  individuals possessing great brains as a result of putting your  mind to work for you.