Quantity or Quality Which is better?


The key to making money writing on line is too write…a lot. The amount of money you make on most writing sites is dependent on how many published articles you have out there to be read. The more articles you write the more views you get ergo the more money you make.


However, many on line writers get so caught up in the need to produce content that they sacrifice quality for quantity. While initially the amount of content you publish might get you off to a quick start earning you need quality articles to sustain your earnings over the long haul.


So which then is more important? Writing quality articles or writing a large amount of articles?


The answer is both. However, if you find that you have to choose one over the other than quality articles are far more important than the quantity of articles you produce for several reasons.


First, While a catchy title might get someone to click onto your articles in the beginning, if those articles are not well written views will simply start avoiding any articles having your name attached to it in the future. No matter how many articles you produce, a reader is not going to continue reading any articles they perceive are going to be poorly written.


Second, Many writers who start on these paid writing sites have hopes of one day getting their work published in print magazines or finding freelance jobs that pay more per article. You simply are not going to snag either of this type of work with poorly written content. There are simply too many writers for those offering high paying jobs to settle for sub standard work.


Third, quality articles are what builds a writers reputation. If your name is going to be spread all over the Internet you are going to want it mentioned in terms of good workmanship not poor. While your income may not be as high in the initial phases good copy but less of it in the long run it will make more in terms of passive income.


While both quantity and quality help boost your income levels, it is wise never to let quantity over ride your need to produce quality work.