Ramblers Holidays

In ‘The Concise Oxford Dictionary’ the word ‘Ramble’ is quoted as ‘Walk for pleasure, with or without a definite route’. Rambling, Walking, Hiking all come under the same umbrella, they can be a group activity or a solitary one.

There are many clubs and associations all over the world and many great long lasting friendships can and have been made. It’s an ideal activity in which to get out and enjoy and learn about the countryside and country that you are visiting.

Over the last few years the local councils and government departments in Tenerife have woken up to this fact and as a way of promoting  Rural Tenerife.

The ancient footpaths have always been there, but have in the recent past been forgotten by all but the local people. Which was a great shame, but they are now being very clearly marked out, they take you along all kinds of different routes and terrains, mountainous, pine forests, historical as well as the ancient footpaths which for generations have conected the local villages of Tenerife.

All these paths in their different ways open your eyes to the way of life and history that is connected to the island, such as the ancient Via Ducts and the Salt Beds from years long past. as well as the beatiful scernery which is there to be found.

There are numerous pensions, Rural Hotels and Bed and Breakfast accommodations to be found along these routes, or if you prefer to stay in one place and you have the choice of hiring a car or using the excellant bus service that thereis on the Island.

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