Reasons For a Mom to Work From Home

Working at home sounds so easy and sometimes even glamorous, truth is working at home is one of the hardest work situations there is. It’s also one of the most rewarding.

Many families choose to have the mom work from home to save on child care. This works out great if the children’s schedules can be worked around such as school age children. It also works well if the child is fairly young and still takes a few naps a day. It gets a little bit more challenging when children are in the toddler stage or have just given up their daily nap.

Economically speaking working from home saves on fuel consumption, insurance payments and wear and tear on ones automobile. Many families find that they can even scale back to one vehicle when a mom is willing to work from home.

Occasionally a health issue will require a parent to be available at all times. A child may be born with a rare disease or illness and require more care than is feasibly affordable at a regular day care center. In cases like this working from home allows the mother to be available should the child need her immediate care.

If the child is missing a lot of school due to the health issues this is also a great solution. Mom doesn’t require sick leave to tend to the child and she is still earning an income. Children want mom there when they are sick, they often heal faster under moms exquisite care as opposed to a day care center (who won’t take them if they are ill in most cases) or a hospital situation.

Traditionally mothers stayed home with the children while fathers went to work in the morning and returned home in the evening to a nice dinner and smiling wife and children. In today’s economy this is not as prevalent though still feasible if the mother is a work at home mom.

For those with a chronic illness such as chronic fatigue or reflex sympathetic dystrophy working from home can offer a solution to not using up sick time and being able to work on one’s own time schedule. If one is providing a service often one can set one’s own hours and accomplish what one is able during any given work day.

Working from home is not for every mom, for some of us though, it’s a perfect solution to a particular situation. Whatever your situation, it’s something to consider carefully and with much thought before you take the giant leap and work from home.