Reggie Jackson & Gibson speaks about baseball in “Sixty Feet, Six Inches” Book

Reggie Jackson and Bob Gibson, these two guys know what they’re talking about, so the urge to pay attention and not miss a word is with you.

Even a heady baseball fan will learn something from “Sixty Feet, Six Inches.”.

On today’s game:

Reggie: “Better the ball be juiced than the players.”

Gibson: “There’s the spirit of the game and there’s the integrity of the game. If you sit on the back porch of the Otesaga Hotel in Cooperstown, shooting the bull with Hall of Famers, you’ll hear some guys who are concerned about one and some guys who are concerned about the other and some who are concerned with both.

“Steroids undermine the integrity of the game. I’d just as soon leave that one for other people to negotiate, because integrity, to me, is a briar patch.

“It’s the spirit of the game that I’m worried about.”

Reggie: “Put me down for both.”

I had a wonderful time listening to these two fine people, in all 273 pages.

And I want to thank Bob and Reggie for letting me in on their wonderful confab.

Friends, you should get this book, it’s a treat and a half.

Well now, about those St. Louis Cardinals … It’s no secret that I’ve been a Cardinal fan all my life, and just because I have many Yankee friends, including General Von Steingrabber, I would prefer to see the Cards whomp the Red Sox, but that ain’t gonna happen.

So, here, for all my geezer friends as well as their young’uns to see, I make this early prediction:

The Cardinals will not only win the National League pennant but will beat the New York Yankees for the whole deal.

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