Reinvent Your Look: With Sexy Eyes

You can never go wrong with a smoky eye look to reinvent your style.  I have always been a big fan of the smoky eye look for special events or a night out on the town. Reinvent this look by choosing to go with a different color instead of black or Grey. The eyes are the window of your soul, so make sure you chose a color that brings out your eye color, certain shades look different on different skin-tones so you might want to experiment with different shades, Shimmers, Frost, Or Mattes.

Try my favorite MAC colors for a  seductive look to give you a “it” girl flare.


Non-Tradition Smoky Eye Examples


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The Traditional Smoky Eye


How To Apply

Apply a light eye shadow to the whole of the eyelid. Then use a
black/grey eye shadow to draw a banana-shaped line as far as the centre
of the eye.

Also apply the black/grey eye shadow under the eye and
then, working outwards towards the external corner of the eye use a
cotton wool bud to blend gently. Finally apply two good coats of
mascara to the eyelashes.

Tips For Your Eye-Color

Blue Eyes: As a general rule, those with blue eyes should look for eye makeup in gray, violet, taupe, purple, and deep blue. Many have found using a dark shade of blue will actually bring out the more natural blue tones in your eyes; giving you a brighter and more vibrant look. If you are looking for an edgier or more dramatic evening look, mixing black liner with a bright blue will give you a classic “ smoky” effect. You can also throw in some silver , fuchsia, or turquoise if you are going out and want a funky nighttime feel.

Brown Eyes: The brown-eyed girl is a lucky woman, indeed. She’s got a whole world of eye shadows available at her disposal, and practically nothing is off limits. Though she probably can’t pull off every single color of the rainbow, the brown-eyed girl still has a plethora of shades to work with. Greens, champagnes, bronzes, golds, browns and blues are just some of the shades that play beautifully with brown eyes. In this case pick shades that best match your skin color for the most vibrant look. Take a trip down to your local drug store and test out some colors!

Hazel Eyes: Most hazel-eyed folks who have mastered the art of eye shadow swear by a combination of pinks, browns, and occasionally greens. Other colors can also look great on hazel eyes, but in order to keep the selection process down to a reasonable level, these are the three recommended shades. Beware of blue which can down play your eye color or make you look scary