Relation Between Gallbladder Symptoms And Appendicitis Symptoms

When do the appendicitis symptoms occur?

Inflammation in the appendix is the main reason of appendicitis. Appendix is like a finger. It has a connection with large intestines. Usually, it is seen in the bottom right side of the abdomen. The symptoms of gallbladder malfunction are closely related with appendix problem.

What is the function of appendix?

The actual function of appendix is still unknown. But the cause of inflammation in appendix is known to all. Enlarged lymph tissues, parasites, etc. block the appendix. As a result inflammation in appendix occurs.

What are the symptoms of appendix inflammation?

Pain is the primary symptom of appendix inflammation. It starts in the belly point. It gradually affects the abdominal area. You will feel pain in the belly surrounded area and in the abdomen surrounded area. Sometimes, it causes a problem in the urinary bladder.

Gallbladder symptoms are related with gallbladder attack. The main cause of gallbladder attack is the blockage in the gallbladder. This blockage is made by the gallstones. The attacking period of gallbladder attack is at least half an hour. It may last for several hours also. This is the main reason that can make the bile flow slow or stopped. You will feel a sharp pain or dull ache because of gallbladder attack.

What are the other symptoms?

Other symptoms are also seen in gallbladder attack. You will feel that your body is becoming weaker day by day. You will fail to do your normal tasks. You will suffer from fever, vomiting problem, nausea, etc. A continuous headache is also a problem of gallbladder attack.

Gallbladder symptoms include abdominal pain like the appendix symptoms. You will find a lot of similarities between the types of these symptoms. You will feel comfortable to lie on a bed. It will decrease the pressure n your abdomen. As a result, the pain caused by gallbladder attack will be reduced. Sometimes bile is mixed with your bloodstream. It will make your skin yellowish. You will suffer from jaundice because of this reason.

It is very important to detect the differences between appendicitis symptoms and gallbladder symptoms. Your treatment plan should be made according to the problem in your gallbladder or appendix. Your doctor will determine the appropriate treatment plan for you. Try to take the advice of a good doctor and take the treatment determined by him for gallbladder attack.