Relationship With Siblings

I have an elder sister and a younger brother. My sister is one year senior than me and my brother is 4 years junior than me. I had a lot of fun and enjoyment with my sister, as i am very much close with her. In my childhood Every day we have lot of funny quarrels for each and every thing and my grand parents and mother struggled a lot to solve our issues. 

I am my grand father’s pet and my sister is my granny’s pet. Every day she ask some thing from my granny and i will ask the same thing from my grandpa and fighting a lot for the same thing, finally my grand parents support her and give the thing to her, and i will be happy with their activities, as i give lot of importance to the elder words, so i will give the thing to her with happy.

This kind of quarrels are quite common between siblings at their childhood days, after getting knowledge we will avoid this kind of unwanted fights. But in our childhood, we enjoy a lot with this kind of fights. I think this kind of fights are quite common between all siblings in their childhood, those days never came back and more often i will cherish this kind of funny days. Some times my sister will also remember this days. 

Always i share my things with my siblings, particularly i share my clothes with my brother. In our childhood days most of the time my mother will use my clothes to my brother if it is not fit to me. Also i use my sister’s book for my studies since she is one year younger than me. 

This kind of sharing activity will increase our affection and make us to get more attachment with our siblings. There is nothing wrong in sharing our things with our siblings, it will help our parents to avoid buying the same thing again. But we don’t have the ability to share all our things with our siblings, we can share the things which don’t give uncomfortable to us while sharing. 

Blaming and scolding between siblings and family members is a normal thing, but blaming after a certain age is not a good thing and it is very hard to tolerate it. But we must take it sportive if we want to continue our relationship for a long time. We all need brave hearts to face lot of things in our life. This kind of blaming and scolding is one among them. Mostly this kind of silly quarrels are taking place between the siblings. Our younger siblings don’t have maturity like us, so they may blame or scold us for little things. As their elder we must guide them in a good way, if we are blaming or scolding them for their activity, there is no difference between them and us, so as a senior we must tolerate some things. 

Don’t get anger for your younger siblings activities, face them with peace and guide them with your affection. Non violence is having a lot of power than violence. Try your maximum to make them to realize their faults with your activity. If they come to know the fault is from their side, they will give up this activity and ask sorry to you for their silly behavior. We can show our real love & affection to our siblings by guiding them in a good way.