Renovated Home Guide – Aligning Between Quality And Budget

There are various reasons why you can get home to be renovated. Adjustment needs resulting from differences in circumstances when the house is purchased with existing conditions. For example, first you do not already have a child, this time your child is already number two or three people. The number of family members has also developed age and number, the consequences at home living arrangements should be planned again. Children who had the greater need their own bedroom, study room availability, storage or equipment, etc… Also the reason for the renovation of the house could also be because there are parts of the house is damaged or rotted and should be immediately repaired or replaced, for example, roof truss, roofing, ceiling, frames, doors / windows, etc..

The houses, like all goods that are used constantly go through changes. These changes could be due to the influence of age of the house or it could be due to the changing tastes of the homeowners, who are not satisfied with the physical condition of his house today. One effort to compensate for changes in this building which is translated into a process called remodeling the house.

Here are some reasons or purposes why homeowners doing renovations on his house:

  • The need to change, add or adjust more function – the function room in the house. For example the addition of rooms, expansion of work space, kitchen, bathroom, etc…
  • Improve the condition or quality of the home due to damage due to age or damage caused by other things. For example roof repairs because his horse’s moldy, damp walls repair, repair a leaking ceiling, plumbing repairs, etc…
  • Want to change the exterior appearance of the house. After so long inhabited course there is a feeling bored or tired of the look of an existing home, normal if you want to change the outside appearance of your home. For example the exterior design of the classic-style house into a minimalist style, or modern minimalist style house into a tropical, etc…

Whatever your reasons for renovating the house, one thing are certain; the renovation should be planned and implemented carefully. Licensing a complete, detailed construction plans, cost estimates should be considered until early in order to renovate the house to run smoothly.

Here are some guidelines in a cost-effective to renovate the house, by following these tips you will get the functionality as well as a home look new and different from your previous home without having to spend money beyond what you should spend.

Concept House to Be Renovated

At this stage, you determine which parts of the house who wants to be changed or repaired, how to design, whether you will reuse old material or not. If you want to use the old material would be unloaded carefully to avoid damages. While useful in order to determine the design in accordance with the results you want. Because if the results do not fit, you have to unpack that cost more. By knowing the concept to mature also helps builders work more quickly.

Types and Quality Materials to Be Used

If indeed the renovation funds are limited, do not hurt you to use quality goods are or if necessary using used goods. If we choose carefully, we can find second-hand but good quality.

The use of quality goods are e.g. for ceramic flooring, wood, frame, or paint the interior. Ceramics are fitted with good technique can produce a beautiful floor while using the ceramic medium quality. While the part that must use the goods with good quality is at the foundation of the house, water pipes are planted, building structure, roof truss. Conceivably if the part had a leak or broken, of course you have to dismantle again which means to spend money again. For exterior paints are also advised to use good quality because the outside of the house is usually exposed to rain, hot sun or moist air.

Eliminate Certain Work Item

What is meant here is that you are not carrying out one or several items of work, so time is used more quickly and can save costs. For example; walls without plaster that can make the walls look natural, without paint in palmer, or substitute the use of aluminum foil with a plastic cast to save the ordinary.

Payment Scheme

Method of payment that you can apply to the contractor or handyman is generally divided into two, namely wholesale and daily. If indeed we already know with certainty what will be renovated and we already know the concept of renovation is ripe, then it is better we use the wholesale system. Conversely, if the concept of home remodeling is not clear, you can pay a daily basis.

Execution time Renovations

Renovation of the house should not be done during the rainy season, because the builders who worked on this season may have difficulty. The process of implementation of the work will often delayed, especially those associated with foundry work, plastering walls, mounting frame and roof coverings, palmer walls and painting on the exterior.

There is a good idea to consult and if necessary work with architects. Working closely with your architect very profitable indeed. They will provide a solution for your needs, giving you a variety of alternative designs that best suit your tastes and desires, point you in the right process, keep you from unnecessary losses due to future construction or renovation that is not well planned.

So many tips that can be applied in the process of renovating your home. By applying the various tips above, the process of renovating your house would be optimal. Cost-effective and the results be consistent with your expectations.