Revenue Sharing Site for Writers – InfoBarrel

InfoBarrel is a revenue sharing site for freelance writers who want to make extra money.  Anyone is free to sign-up as a contributor but their article submissions must pass the scrutiny of the editors. This review and approval process is relatively speedy, with many articles being approved within 24hours.  Once the article is reviewed, it will be placed in your live/published or denied article queue. If the reviewers deny the article, the writer has the option of fixing the problems, as per the comment of the editor, before resubmitting the article.

The Approval Process

InfoBarrel not only allows seasoned writers to contributors articles but any who has reasonable writing skills can apply and submit articles using one of four article templates, namely: blank, how to, video and review templates.  This allows some flexibility in choosing what content to submit.  Each of the four templates has different ad layouts, which I am sure will have some impact on the earning performance of the article.  It would be easy to check what articles are performing well with Google Analytics but the feature is only available to pre-approved users.  Content writers become automatically pre-approved after they have submitted 10 articles and at least 14 days has elapsed since they signed up.  Once a writer becomes pre-approved, his submissions by-pass the regular approval process and are immediately published.

Revenue Sharing
To earn a residual income from InfoBarrel, contributing writers will need to apply for a Google Adsense publisher ID, which allows them to earn when someone clicks on an ad that Google places in their articles.  InfoBarrel shares 75% of its Google Adsense ad impressions with its writers, therefore any income that is generated from an ad click while a contributor’s ad is being displayed is paid to the writer. However, the article writer will not make money from an ad click if that click occurs when InfoBarrel’s ads are being displayed the other 25% of the time. Content contributors to InfoBarrel will also earn 2% of the earnings of anyone they refer to the site. This 2% comes from InfoBarrel’s revenue share and not from the new user’s share.  

InfoBarrel is a great place to make money online. The site has good authority with Google, which means articles submitted there will be indexed pretty quickly.  I’ve seen some of my articles, submitted to InfoBarrel, indexed by Google within a few hours, whereas other sites will require weeks or even months to get indexed and start making money.  InfoBarrel offers a promising residual income opportunity for writers who want to write on what they are passionate about while building a passive income stream.