Review: Biplane: Wings of Raccoon for iPhone OS

This is the review of Biplane: Wings of Raccoon for iPhone OS.

Biplane: Wings of Raccoon is a Biplane race game for the iPhone OS. It was released on February 16th, 2009 by GameResort. After spending some time with Biplane: Wings of Raccoon, we at AppSmile found ourselves left wanting.

The game puts you in control of a Biplane piloted by a cartoon raccoon. The majority of the game takes place over water and the reflection graphics are kind of fun. Your enemies are battle ships that fire ammunition at you from the ocean below. During game play You are challenged to collect crates (which appear once an enemy is destroyed) and drop from on friendly target boats.

The game has 2 modes; Arcade and Race

Arcade Mode
This mode is made up of 10 waves of difficulty (but only 1 board level here). Defeat as many enemies as you can in each wave and collect crates for bonuses.

Race Mode
Nine race challenges (all nearly identical) make up this mode. The goal is to complete 3 laps in each race by flying through hoops. Collect crates and shoot balloons for time bonuses.

AppSmile’s list of Top Features:

  • Pretty good Theme Song but…(see recommended improvements)
  • OK Graphics (look 80% professional)
  • Character that has development potential

AppSmile’s Recommended Improvements:

  • Only one song throughout the entire game!?
  • All the levels are basically the same
  • Fonts used in the game are very generic and cheap looking

BiPlane: Wings of Raccoon does have some nice cartoony graphics and we think the character has development potential. But GameResort jumped the gun on releasing to the App Store. We think you should definitely wait for updates to this app that include a multi-song soundtrack, unique levels, and better menus.