Review: Black Friday

End of the game wins the player that has gained most of the bars of silver. Therefore not only the winners of the box? Also, the silver bar increases in price during the game. Increased only 100 bar (bar) silver price also serves as the timer hits games, the game.

The player’s actions
However a player: buy stocks, share, sell or buy silver bars. A flag for every 5 shares at price grid shows the price action of that color can be bought or sold. The shares are represented by briefcases colours wood. The actions available for sale (hereinafter, the “market”) are represented by a pile of suitcases, in addition to the Board of Directors. When buying shares, a dimension extra (purchased according to color) on how to get published. When shares are sold, sold shares on the market, an action that sold out of the sale table, as well as a step in the share price immediately 1 to leave. A player can pass their silver bars round (a market share of the silver bar placement follow-up of purchase) to buy.

The maximum number of shares, a player can buy or sell (and a player can buy the number of bars of silver), while in turn depends on “Level” of game in progress. If a citation thresholds increased other interruptions, play “Level”.

Price adjustment
The game seems so far, perhaps rather ordinary; However the buy, sell or buy silver, tracking bar contains 5 case, such an adjustment of the price, and this is fresh game mechanics. If the market is giving a bag with many cases colourful (including the black suitcase added during the game). If there is a price adjustment, a number (determined by the game “Level”) considers cases. Cases of more than one color is drawn is that the price but if a color is drawn not walk, it is the color of the price stops working. However, if there are more than draws a black bag, this has against the sum of all colours for lead prices can go far. A price is marking any lateral movement (due to the grid border), move a row up or down, changing even faster price.

Add before the case of a suitcase of adjustment in price in the diagram of buying and selling relevant to your pocket. Therefore, players change the balance of colour in the pocket of your purchases and sales. More colour, more likely transported and increase in the price. If increase plays “Level”, increase the number of bags designed for a price adjustment.

Players start without money; Instead, it can be. You should never pay grants but must pay the interest on you during adjustment of prices, so it cost. Increases the maximum number of scholarships that can be owned during the match (determined by the game “Level”). At the end of all their actions games players and bars of silver from the purchase, therefore if you can sell doing. You can now do any player which is maximum of grants.

In general, very different from other game due to an adjustment of the price of Black Friday. It is difficult to predict what measures will increase or decrease, but that is part of the fun. The assumptions are not completely, but if your buying and selling decisions on prices in the grid, acquired other players, when he sold and actions can affect the current combination in your pocket. Players can also influence the market and available actions.

It is also very important to develop, to buy the silver needing the money to buy shares and money (and might not sell silver, who once bought) you want to get too early, but they want to buy silver, if it is more convenient. It is a difficult decision to make and fun to be considered during the game all.

When a black player bag far prices can be very fun. Most players share the losses as a result, but is diver