Review of BetandRace – exciting racing game

You’ll find it boring to make sports betting and with no chance of the result? You like to play arcade racing games? Then the new game “is Beth and Race” just your game.

He was young and needed the money …

Bet and Race is gambling for the advanced gamers. But even if you do not mind too dangerous to play for your hard earned money, there is the possibility to play virtual money. But at the beginning of each racing career it is time for a good portion of training. We choose a car from us. The choices are 3 original accurate vehicles. The Volkswagen Golf GTI, Ford Focus and the Volvo C30 T5 GT see their real counterparts and similar to the smallest detail. It means selecting a suitable color and label the license plate, according to our wishes. Moreover, tribals are still for special beautification of the car to choose from.

After we have adjusted our car to our wishes, it goes into training mode. Now there are 15 tracks to choose from 4 different genuine European cities. Berlin, Vienna, Paris and London to lure us to a round turn. The extremely short loading times are noticeable. Hardly in the game for a free game is very good and intricate artwork. We will drive to a computer-controlled opponents, which should be a fairly experienced rider, however, it should not be a problem. The controls are pretty straight forward. The game is fast and the fights are very exciting with a similarly strong opponents.

BETandRACE Vienna is striking in that not very many players and so margins are present. In particular, this fact makes the Bet and Race “more of a game in between. With up to 7 opponents, it is sometimes advantageous that there is no damage model. The background music is a matter of taste. The sound effects are good but not easy to get along with them.