Richard Iii Essay

Essay Question: Are you more repulsed or intrigued by the character of Richard III? Discuss.

In Shakespeare’s play, King Richard III, Richard is described as an ambitious, yet deformed man who craves power, especially the power of the King. Although he is intelligent and a slightly intriguing character, the acts he commits are repulsive and horrible, Richard, in the play, murders and betrays his trusting and loyal friends and relatives for his own benefits. Also, he is a deformed character and uses this fact to gain pity from others and to justify his evil deeds and villainous acts. Richard manipulates and lies to other people without a second thought, and does not care about any other person except himself.

Richard murders and betrays his loyal and trusting friends and relatives for his own benefits, such as killing his trusting nephews after promising them safety, and killing his brother Clarence, just so he can have no competition for the throne. This is a very disgusting act to perform, as they are close blood relatives. This also suggests that he has no heart and does not repent for the evil he performs, which is a horrible thing in its own way. This also says that Richard was a very selfish man, and cared for no one but himself, which suggests that he is an arrogant individual who thinks he is above other people, and thus, a repulsive and unfriendly man. From this, we can conclude that Richard III arrogantly, selfishly and repulsively kills and betrays everyone in his path that can have a chance of destroying his chances of claiming the throne.

Richard is a repulsive character because he uses his deformity, which is repulsive enough, as a way to gain pity from others and to justify his evil deeds and villainous acts. This is repulsive because it signifies the fact that he lies to people to gain their pity, and later on, their trust.   This also reinforces the point that he is a betraying and deadly person and is a disgusting creature with no heart, emotions or conscience.

Richard is a repulsive character because, as was briefly mentioned above, he lies and manipulates people to gain their trust, loyalty and obedience. This is a horrible thing because he does not repent afterwards and does not regret lying so vigorously. This reinforces the first point, because he uses his lying and manipulation skills to murder and betray his friends and family.

As the audience may see, although Richard III is a slightly intriguing character with his intelligence and leadership skills, on the inside, he is a murderous and repulsive character, as he lies to and betrays his friends and family, and uses his deformity to gain pity from others and to justify his evil and villainous deeds and acts. Furthermore, he is a repulsive character because he manipulates people to gain their trust through blackmail, flattery, e.t.c. Therefore, he is an unreliable monster who is as disgusting and repulsive on the outside, as he is on the inside. In this case, the characters in Shakespeare’s play should have judged the book by its cover and stayed away from Richard and his ambitions.