Roach Denied Pacquiao was Knocked Down by Sparring Partners

Popular boxing coach and trainer Freddie Roach denied his pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao was floored by one of his sparring partners while midway to his training for his encounter with popular Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto. Pacquiao is undergoing physical conditioning and training in Baguio City in the Philippines under the watchful eyes of Freddie Roach and physical conditioning expert Alex Arriza. Last weekend, Internet forums were deluged with queries and reports Pacquiao got tagged by American sparring partner Porter. Roach has promised $1,000 for anyone who could put down Pacquiao during sparring. In the meantime, Roach said Pacquiao will win over Miguel Cotto as he stressed that speed and not power will determine the winner of the fight reports:
>Roach, who has been preparing Pacquiao in Baguio City for his toughest fight yet, said he expects Cotto to come out with his guns blazing at the sound of the opening bell at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. >
“I have been closely studying Cotto’s fighting style even before the Firepower card was officially announced over a month ago and if we want to beat the Puerto Rican champ we have to take away his advantages,” Roach said.
The popular Filipno boxer has been asked by his Filipino boxing fans to leave his training camp in Baugio CIty in the Philippines and immediately move to Los Angeles California in order to avoid distractions to his training and focus on his upcoming fight. 
Manny Pacquiao, one of the world’s most popular boxers, and Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico will collide at the MGM Grand garden arena on November 14 in Las Vegas, Nevada.