Robert Elias (Putz) Ballard a Self Published Author

Hello, I am Robert Elias Ballard a retired blue collar worker and during my work career I was an employee for General Electric Outdoor Lighting Systems of Hendersonville, NC. Retiring in 2003 I became a volunteer at our local branch library and soon found myself helping with a fund raising project. The project was a book of local history that would be sold and funds from sales would be given as a donation to our library for books and other needs. Helping with this project created in me an interest to write. My goal was to write the memories about my life expereriences of growing up within a small textile community. Everyone knew their neighbors and the long established friendships and sense of community was not at all unique to such small villlages. Ours was torn apart when a new highway was built. The economic impact upon the textile industry forced the closure of the cotton mill and slowly the commnity as I knew it has all but disappeared disappeared,

I am now a self published author and have used Lulu Publishing to create my projects. All my writings are short story and essays about my life experiences. The first was My Tuxedo Doesn’t Fit Me Anymore-Memories of a Mill Village Brat and the stories are about the mill village where I grew up in the 1950’s, the people and businesses in our town and other general interest subjects. Stories to Warm Your Heart and Make you Smile is a book of over 80 short stories and tales, again written about the people who I knew as a youngster and life experiences that are sometimes humorous but all down to earth filled with nostalgia. Familiar People and Places in Green River Township is a book where chapters from the first book were used as a platform to share 40 other short stories about the people in our area many about my own family. Visions of Hope and Hope for Vision is a biography I wrote about my son who has retinitis pigmentosa. In this short book I share how he has dealt with this auto immune eye disorder which has left him blind. With inroads in research vision may one day be a reality for him and other who suffer from blindness. Inspirational Reflections and Musings with a Simpler Flair is a book of over 40 stories with inspirational themes and other topics with a lighter flavor. Finally, I just have published, Chit Chat-Stories Told Around the Hearth which is a collection over 30 short articles and stories.  These are more stories and tales; memories preserved in my mind that often were told around the old wood heater or kitchen table and have remained  fondly remembered nostalgia. Like all my previous work is from the heart and simply told.

As a self published author I am at the mercy of social web sites, word of mouth, and the things I can do to promote and market my work. Please go to : and preview all my books which are available in print and digital eBook formats. Also my books are available at Amazon Kindle books and now at Google Book Partners. My books are also available at manuy other on line book stores such as Barnes and Noble.

I love to write and those who have read my books have told me how much they enjoyed my story teller style of writing. Simple, easy to read and down home. 

I Live in Zirconia, North Carolina with my wife of 38 years, Jane and my son Gary.